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Happy Independence Day, independent workers!

It’s the dawn of a new era: 53 million Americans, 34% of the workforce, are freelancing, and many of them don’t want to stop.

Previously viewed as a phenomenon brought on by the recession, the freelancer is becoming more ubiquitous and less interested in returning to the corporate world.

Career independence is rewarding and, as our founder Sara Horowitz points out in Fast Company, “the 1950s model of stable employment - [is] a model that no longer exists.”

But the independent worker movement isn’t just changing the workplace, it’s changing the way we live. As Sara Horowitz observes,

“Just as a freelancer is more likely to be doing something other than paid work at times during the week, she’s also more likely to be spending her Fourth of July on the laptop, co-mingling work and personal time as she normally does.”

So this Fourth of July, join us in exercising our right to pursue our happiness and celebrate independence day with the Freelancers Union:

Read Sara Horowitz’s, The Expanding Definition of Independence in the Freelance Economy on Fast Company.

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