How to negotiate the rates you deserve: Top tips from our members

Jun 9, 2015

June Spark asked freelancers: How can you negotiate the rates you deserve, when projects and clients are so varied, and competition so fierce? Here are the top tips and pics that came out of the night’s discussion.

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Top Tip from Spark San Diego:

“When pricing projects, it’s important to be very clear about the difference between a correction and a revision. It’s our job to educate our clients, and we increase our value when we define the terms of service.”

Top Pic: Seattle Spark at Impact Hub featured an inspiring workshop on negotiation techniques for creatives, led by branding expert Ted Leonhardt.

Top Tip from Spark Chicago:

“Put value into what you have to offer by showing clients how you can save them time, money, and effort through project management. Taking the reins will empower you as well!”

Top Pic: Spark Manhattan maxed out the floor space at Impact Hub, swapping success stories as a method of pitching their value.

Top Tip from Spark Portland:

“Your skills and knowledge are important, but your customized experience will get you the gig. Think outside the box to include life experience as well! Tailor your pitches and proposals to match the client and/or the job, and prove why you’re the right fit.”

Top Pic: Phoenix Spark takes a break from their roundtable discussion to show off their free copies of Breaking the Time Barrier by Freshbooks CEO Mike McDerment.

Top Attendee Pic: Elizabeth Sitwell of The Note Passer gives Spark an impeccably-styled shout out.

Thanks to @freelancersu and @impacthubnyc for helping me determine my value! #freelancespark

— Elizabeth Stilwell (@NotePasserNYC) June 4, 2015

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