Upwork introduces programs to help top freelancers earn more

May 18, 2015

Earlier this month, oDesk relaunched as Upwork with a brand new site and a slew of new features.

Upwork is a platform designed to help talented independent professionals thrive. As the largest online platform for freelance work, their goal is to help freelancers stand out from the crowd and find great-paying gigs. With the launch of their new website, they’ve made a number of massive improvements meant to help freelancers excel in their careers, including “My Stats” performance insights and “Top Rated” status for top performers. Upwork is also launching category-specific talent programs and inviting Freelancers Union members to participate.

New Premium Talent Programs
Upwork’s premium talent programs focus initially on Web Design, Mobile Development and Customer Service. The goal is to help ensure that the very best talent earns special distinction and gains access to high-paying jobs. These programs are currently invite-only, but they’re providing early access to Freelancers Union members. We encourage you to apply even if you’re just getting started on Upwork. The program for mobile developers is part of an all-new premium service offering called Upwork Pro. All programs are free to join.

Web Designers
This program distinguishes and promotes the best web design talent on Upwork. Upwork has partnered with Webflow, a top site builder for professional designers, to evaluate portfolios. Designers accepted into the program are recommended for top-paying Upwork jobs and receive introductions to Upwork’s enterprise clients. The program page also offers an optional online course on building responsive websites from scratch without coding, using Webflow. Learn more and apply here.

Mobile Developers
As part of an entirely new service offering called Upwork Pro, top mobile development talent will gain access to the best Upwork jobs. This includes working with vetted clients who are ready to pay a premium and be paired with the perfect programmer. Mobile developers must pass a technical assessment and participate in a brief technical interview to be accepted into the program. Learn more and apply here.

Customer Service Professionals
This program distinguishes and promotes qualified Customer Service professionals. To be accepted, freelancers must demonstrate work experience in Customer Service or Technical Support and pass the vetting process. This includes a profile evaluation, skill assessment and interview. Members of the program will be recommended for Upwork jobs and invited to projects with some of Upwork’s top clients. Learn more and apply here.

Freelancers Union members are invited to begin experiencing the new platform today at upwork.com and to download the new Upwork Messenger app for Android or iPhone.