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You can change your brain for the better: here's how

Good news for all those over 25 – it’s still possible to change your brain after its peak years of development.

Your brain changes in surprising and dynamic ways throughout adulthood, even if it begins to “solidify” after age 25, according to a new article in Fast Company.

As we know, the brain has the most “plasticity and flexibility” when we’re young, which helps us learn quickly -- as we age, we develop neural pathways which become ingrained.

The brain is “inherently lazy” and will always choose “the most energy efficient path” according to senior MIT lecturer Tara Swart, as reported in Fast Company. By the time we’re 25, our brain is highly dependent on the neural pathways we’ve already established.

But don’t fear! It’s possible to break up old patterns, create a more agile, high-performing brain, and even become a better leader through challenging tasks that “force your brain to work in ways it’s unaccustomed to.”

This could include learning a new language or instrument, focusing intently on solving a complex problem, or even just exercising self-control and willpower, writes journalist Vivian Giang in Fast Company.

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What do you think freelancers? Do you feel like your brain could use some invigoration? Would you go out of your way to perform brain-building exercises?