How to brand yourself as an expert: top tips from our members

May 7, 2015

May Spark asked freelancers, how does branding yourself as an expert get you more (and better) clients? Here are the top tips and pics that came out of the night’s discussion.

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Top Tip: Establish an emotional connection with your intended audience. Building a successful brand is all about telling a successful (aka specific) story.

Top Pic: Los Angeles Spark at Kleverdog Coworking is as bright and shiny as their city.

Top Tip: Brainstorm everything first! It takes time to develop and refine your expertise. Revisit an outline of your business plan so you’re updating your goals as your business grows and changes.

**Top Pic: **Austin Spark gets serious with a round-table discussion at Center61.

**Top Tip: Turn yourself into a content producing machine. **The more content you produce, the more searchable you become. You become a thought leader by posting, tweeting, and recording information proving all you know about your field.

Top Pic: It’s note-taking time at Chicago Spark, hosted by Grind Spaces.

And one more for good luck! A recap from one of our Manhattan panelists, career coach Jill Ozovek.

Branding yourself as the expert- @freelancersu #Spark event recap & tips for entrepreneurs and freelancers inside! :)

— Jill Ozovek (@jozovek) May 7, 2015

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