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Gawker proves unions are retro cool

Are unions “retro cool”?

Last week, the editorial employees at Gawker, the online media company, announced that they were intending to unionize.

Our founder Sara Horowitz wrote about this in a recent op-ed for Fast Company. As she writes in the piece, the concept of unionism is beginning to make a comeback -- particularly amongst the “Millennial” crowd:

Our members under 35 embraced "union" immediately. For them, "unions" were instruments of hope. The word evoked unity, mutual support, and, critically, power. The appeal for younger people continues—since 2007, our under-30 membership has risen an astounding 3,000%.

Want to read more? Check out the full piece over at Fast Company.

Freelancers, what do you think? Are young people more likely to support the idea of unions?