You could trust a stranger to guard your most important personal belongings while you wait on a four-person line to use a restroom with no toilet paper after paying $4.50 to nurse a cappuccino for three hours, or...

You could work out of this space for FREE! And bring all the coffee you want.

Here are the details:

On every Tuesday and Wednesday for the foreseeable future we’ll be hosting FREE co-working for our members from 9 am to 5 pm at Freelancers Union Hall.

Freelancers Union Hall is located at 80 Maiden Lane, Suite 2101, Manhattan.

RSVP here for an upcoming time spot

Here’s what you get:

- Free wifi

- Freedom to come and go as you please (with a Freelancers Union staff member to watch over your stuff!)

- Quiet. Like, it’s quieter than the NYPL

- East River views

- Comfortable couches

- Kitchen access (and/or a place to hold important calls while prepping your 3pm snack)

- Did we say the word FREE enough??

We look forward to seeing you there!