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Why branding yourself as an expert gets you more clients

My roommate recently ditched her personal trainer for a new one: Instagram. Her feed is composed of cute dogs, friends’ babies, and fifteen second workout videos.

The trainers she follows have figured out that they can build a brand beyond the confines of their gym if they reach more gym-goers. Want a bigger butt? There’s a video for that. Cut belly fat? They’re posting about the basic grilled chicken they made for dinner, too. (And it has 3,402 likes.)

To cast a wider client net, freelancers need to brand themselves as experts, not just experienced workers. This means you:

Sell yourself as a strategist versus a content producer.

Shape your online and in-person presence to convey all you know, instead of all you know how to do.

Show you’re an innovator, and your opinion is in-demand

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