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"Imagine a day without sound": Freelance musicians are coming together

No matter what industry you’re in, our new online network for freelancers has a place for you.

But if it doesn’t, you can create it.

That’s exactly what Freelancers Union member Sean Gill did for all of the musicians and audio engineers out there.

Sean’s Hive, Music and Audio, is a place for musicians, composers, audio editors, sound effects specialists, audio engineers, and more to get together and chat about their industry, swap trade secrets, and share their experiences on different job sites.

Are you a freelance musician? Are you interested in making the jump sometime soon?

Head on over to Sean Gill’s Music and Audio Hive and join the discussion!

Sean Gill is a musician and artist currently living in Denver. His formal training is in jazz and classical guitar. He writes, records, and performs original music. In addition Sean has the common patchwork of a freelancer - teacher, studio musician, engineer, music engraver, graphic artist. When he's not working he reads science fiction, walks in quiet places, and roasts his own coffee.