Are freelancers the 21st century must-have?

Mar 10, 2015

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When we look back 20 years from now, what will be the trend that we could not imagine living without?

How did companies function throughout history without current technology? It is probably pretty hard for you to imagine running a company today without an internet connection, Google, and email.

It would be amazing to go back in time with the knowledge we have now. Indeed, some visionary companies were able to see all that technology had to offer, and got ahead as a result. For instance, some companies were among the first to have an Internet connection and employees working on PCs. What would be today’s emerging trend, helping companies to pave the road to success and discover new innovations?

The answer is the 21st century workforce trend: freelancers! Leading companies realize the benefits of hiring freelancers, on-demand, on a project basis. These industry leaders rely on freelancers for specific expertise. Freelancers have the experience, and are specialists in their field, so companies are getting the best talent for each project.

Plus, they realize that freelancers tend to give each project their all and treat each employer with white glove service. By using freelancers, companies are realizing that they can add expertise and out of the box ideas to a project. As a result, companies emerge with a better product or service at a competitive rate.

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With today’s technology, companies can easily find freelancers online which is enabling the freelance industry to grow in leaps and bounds. According to Freelancers Union we are 53 million strong and growing in the U.S. alone. It is true that full-time jobs will always exist and companies will always need full-time employees at the core of their team.

But at the same time, leading companies are taking advantage of the immense capital of local talent that can be hired on an as-needed basis. So be proud freelancers, you are part of a new revolution. One day we will look back and wonder, just as we do about the internet, how companies could run efficiently without the freelancer at its side.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Linda Singer is the co-founder of, a website where talented people find flexible work and companies get local help on demand. She writes frequently on topics related to the contingent workforce.