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Got tax questions? Attend our March Spark event!

For freelancers, taxes aren’t just an April 15th thing, they’re an every-single-day thing. Whether you’re highly experienced and super-organized or new to the game and super-scared, you probably have questions about filing as a freelancer.

Still waiting on a 1099 from a client? Unclear what deductions you can take if you use a car for your business? Didn’t pay quarterly taxes last year and worried you’re going to be penalized?

Whatever you’re wondering, you should RSVP to March 11th’s Spark event, “Freelance Tax Workshop: Q&A with a Tax Expert”!

At this workshop, you will be able to:

Ask a tax expert your burning questions either in person or via our live chat session with an expert on freelancer taxes.

Learn important details about the tax changes in effect for 2015.

Share best practices on deductions and managing expenses with your fellow freelancers.

The live chat will feature Jonathan Medows, a NYC-based CPA specializing in taxes and business issues for consultants across the country (and author of extremely helpful articles on our blog about filing your taxes).

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Spark events take place in 17 cities across the country. To RSVP to the Spark closest to you and join in the conversation, check out the Spark page.

Don’t see a Spark in your city? Apply to be an organizer! Even in cities with a Spark, organizers love to collaborate and are always looking for new helping hands. Apply here today!

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