Freelancers are coming together to find work

Mar 4, 2015

What’s the best way to get gigs or find freelancers? By asking your network!

All great freelancers know this, but with the launch of Hives, our online network for freelancers, independent workers across the country are finding new and creative ways to help each other find work.

Freelancers Union member Marc Scheff is one of these people. The idea behind his “Work Work Work” Hive is simple - Begin your post with either the word "SEEKING" or "HIRING", describe the job opportunity, and check back to see if you’ve got any bites.

As one of our most successful Hives, Work Work Work has nearly 1,500 freelancers sharing work opportunities. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

So go forth! Connect with other freelancers on Hives - but more importantly, get that gig!

...and don’t forget about our event, “Freelancing 101: 6 things no one tells you about getting started” with Marc Scheff next week! Sound interesting? RSVP today!