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Top 4 photographer nightmares and how business insurance can help

Faulty memory card. Broken hard drive with a wedding client's photos. Your photo's subject loses her footing while posing for a snap... A few unforeseen snafus and you could be faced with some legal challenges!

So what happens if you get sued because of your work as a photographer? This is why many photographers buy business insurance -- and many clients and venues require that you're insured.

Here are 4 situations where liability insurance can protect you as a photographer:

The memory card fail

You just bought the darn thing. This has never happened before. You haven’t technically done anything wrong. While these are all valid statements, your client doesn’t care. Whether it was a wedding, a corporate event or a product photo shoot, a lot of time and money (including yours) went into making it happen. If they can’t get their photos, they most likely will want to be compensated.

You have a number of options. If it’s appropriate for the client, you could offer a free set of prints or a photo album. Or you may decide that a partial discount is the best way to make things right. But, if your client ultimately decides to take you to court with a claim, professional liability insurance can protect you.

The unhappy client

You do everything you can to understand your client’s needs and create a comprehensive shot list. But when you deliver the proofs you realize you forgot an entire page of said shot list. You’re human and mistakes happen. But, unfortunately, your client can sue you.

This is another case for professional liability insurance as it protects you against claims of errors and omissions.

Workplace injuries

You went into photography, not mixed martial arts. Your work shouldn’t be that dangerous, and generally it’s not. But non-photographers have a knack for walking into light stands and tripping over cords. Hopefully everyone will laugh it off and walk away unscathed. But, since you own the business, you can be found at fault if someone gets more seriously hurt.

General liability insurance protects you against third-party claims for bodily injury and related medical costs.

Equipment damage

This one cuts both ways. Not only do you have to pay to replace a busted camera, but you can’t do your job while you’re without it. Ouch.

Specialized business owner insurance combines general liability coverage with protection for equipment such as cameras, lights, computers, and grip equipment.

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