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9 reasons to join Hives

Have you joined Hives yet? It’s our brand new, super exciting social platform just for freelancers.

Want to know what you’ll find? Here are 9 reasons why you should join Hives!

1. Like working in cafes surrounded by fellow freelancers? Coffee shops close for the night, but Hives is awake whenever you are.

2. You can access Hives from anywhere, and immediately get in touch with freelancers nationwide.

3. Sometimes you just want to vent, celebrate, or just chat about your day with fellow freelancers who get the struggle. You’ll find plenty of likeminded folks on Hives.

4. On Hives, you can find people in your field of expertise.

5. You can find folks in a field you’re interested in exploring.

6. And you can also find people in your area!

7. It’s better than frantically Googling “will I ever get paid??”—just ask for advice from folks who have been there before!

8. You can plan events, share your work with people in your industry for feedback or discussion, and swap gigs, all in one place.

9. When you grow your Hive, you grow your network. And when you grow your network, you grow your business, too.

Hives is a great place for discussion and learning. We hope you’ll join and help build a freelance community online.

Join Hives now!