Hey Millennials, go ahead and quit your terrible job

Dec 8, 2014

Hey Millennials, feeling a little miserable this Monday? Here’s some good news for you: you can go ahead and quit that terrible first job.

According to TIME Money writer Susie Poppick, if there’s any time to quit, it’s right now. Yep, go ahead and take a mulligan.

But before you do, make sure you’ve got something better lined up!

More and more Millennials are leaving their first jobs early -- hopefully for greener pastures. About 70% of folks only stay at their first job out of college for 3-12 months... and a growing number are leaving at the 3 month mark, or even earlier.

Why? Many Millennials report dissatisfaction with their current jobs -- only 38% of employees under 30 are “deeply satisfied” with their work. And more than 40% of recent college grads reported being unable to find a job in their field. Plus, many young workers take jobs they’re overqualified for, often out of desperation to land a “real” 9-5 as soon as possible, and are unhappy and unsatisfied as a result.

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If any of that sounds like you, don’t worry -- you’re not alone.

It’s ok to jump ship. The trick is to make sure that you’ve got something better to go to after. Maybe you stumble upon the job of your dreams, or you might decide to go freelance, as a growing number of Millennials are.

Freelancing is also a great way to see if there are better avenues for you. You can start taking on side gigs to see if a new industry suits you, and build up work experience in the field you want to enter while maintaining the stability of a 9-5.

It’s clear that the current job market isn’t particularly great for Millennials, even as they become the largest group in the workforce. And in turn, they’re navigating the workforce in a completely new way -- using the flexibility that’s a hallmark of their generation.

Members, what do you think? Leave the terrible job? Go freelance? Hunker down and wait for something better to turn up? Let us know!

Larissa Pham is an artist and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. She is, alas, a Millennial.