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How to get a subsidy for your health insurance plan

Looking for health insurance coverage and think you might qualify for a subsidy?

You can get a subsidized health plan through your Federal or State Marketplace -- one of the great benefits of the ACA. And in most cases, we have people available to help walk you through the process!

Just search for a plan on the National Benefits Platform to see if we can help.

Freelancers Union can help you enroll in a subsidy-eligible health plan on the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace in most states. Begin by searching in your area and click below the “View Plans” link (where it says “If you are eligible for a subsidy, click here”) or just call us at** 800-856-9981**.

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Live in a another state with its own Exchange (that’s California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Minnesota, Kentucky, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Hawaii)? Unfortunately, Freelancers Union can’t help walk you through the process, but read our helpful guide here to understand how to do it.

Live in New York? Think you might be eligible for a subsidy or aren’t sure? You can check here at the New York State of Health marketplace calculator. If you are eligible or think you might be eligible, you can contact the marketplace directly to purchase a plan or ask questions about financial assistance. We also have certified representatives available to help you enroll in a subsidy-eligible Empire BlueCross BlueShield plan on the New York State of Health marketplace. Call us at 800-856-9981.

Of course, if you don’t qualify for a subsidy, we can also help you find plans on the National Benefits Platform.

If you have more questions about subsidies and whether you might qualify, read more here.