15 favorite freelancer meals

Dec 4, 2014

Now that we’re officially in the holiday season, food is on the brain; whether you’re facing down a tableful of Christmas cookies, or inviting a cardiac incident with your fourth helping of Auntie Jean’s special mashed potatoes (special ingredient: extra butter). With that in mind, we’d like to present our carefully-compiled list of the 15 favorite freelancer meals – those noshes that keep your motor running and your creative gears greased at the busiest times!

1. Glum handfuls of potato chips.
2. Spoonfuls of peanut butter eaten while staring despondently at unfinished projects.
3. Lukewarm coffee gulped down in an attempt to frantically caffeinate just before calling client.
4. Tupperware container full of three week-old leftovers from parent’s house. That casserole probably always smelled that way, right?
5. The #3 from the takeout place across the street. They just send it out as soon as they hear your voice; you have never set foot in the actual restaurant.
6. Half of your significant other’s sandwich, just after you insist that you’re not actually hungry.
7. Whatever you just licked off of your sweater. Was it this morning’s yogurt? Oh, God, was it yesterday morning’s yogurt.

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8. A well-balanced, nutritious meal of vegetables, grains, and lean proteins. It’s January 2nd and you’re pretty sure you can keep this resolution up all year long. Hey, is that a Cheeto?
9. Supplementary coffee.
10. Leftover cheese from that free networking event.
11. Fritos. These are totally healthy and different from potato chips because corn is a vegetable!
12. Wine. Just kidding. Kinda.
13. Go-Gurt, the yogurt designed specifically to be eaten on-the-go. You eat it exclusively while sitting at your desk.
14. Handfuls of raw kale, eaten in a half-hearted attempt to counteract the junk food.
15. Crow. Best eaten when staring at page full of suggested edits.

Kate Hamill is a freelance writer, playwright, and actor. She lives in New York City and consumes a truly frightening amount of Sriracha daily. Follow her on Twitter at @katerone.