10 places to find hot tech jobs

Dec 4, 2014

Hey freelancers! You put time and energy into learning skills to make yourself a valuable candidate for sweet tech gigs. Now you’ve got a full toolkit of talent and you’re looking to find work. What now?

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Indeed - You’ve probably seen the advertisements for Indeed on the subway, commuter rail, or the side of a taxi. It’s all over the place -- and for good reason. Indeed is one of the biggest job listing aggregators out there, for all types of jobs, not just tech ones. You can post your resume, or look up jobs by keyword and location.

Dice is a great jobs board specifically for tech folks. It features talent communities you can join (like cloud computing, IT management, and, notably, women in technology). From there, you can follow industry news, see focused job postings, and have discussions with other members.

Github, beloved by programmers the world over for its collaborative and open-source community, also has job listings. The listings are updated frequently and feature locations all over, including remote gigs.

Mashable’s jobs board also has a resume builder, useful for putting together a quick resume that you can tweak later. Its listings are robust and feature gigs located all over, not just New York and Los Angeles.

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CrunchBoard is TechCrunch’s dedicated jobs board. Its listings update remarkably quickly -- these jobs probably go pretty fast! And it’s got gigs listed from Portland to Park City to Plano.

Stack Overflow Careers is a jobs board that has a really cool feature: profiles. The profiles at Stack Overflow allow you to show off your skills by project, accumulate reputation points (similar to LinkedIn endorsements), and there’s even a portion at the end where you can tell potential recruiters a little about yourself. Take a look at a sample profile here.

RubyNow - Yes, it’s niche, but a whole lot of people are learning how to code in Ruby on Rails these days. And if you want to do well, it’s always best to specialize. Jobs are posted for 45 days, which keeps listings fresh.

Mediabistro - You might be wondering why a media site is listed on a tech jobs post. Well, media needs front-end and back-end developers, too! As content generating sites like BuzzFeed and Vox continue to expand, demand for tech support is growing too.

Idealist - In the same vein, not all tech jobs have to be in startups or backed by VC. Idealist is great for the non-profit and social-purpose techies who want to put their hours in for a good cause.

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So happy hunting, freelancers! And if you have any more job tips, feel free to share!

Larissa Pham is an artist and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. 5778 Kelvin.