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9 places to find hot creative jobs

Hey, freelance creatives! You’re multi-talented, multi-faceted makers, doers, and creators. You’re smart. You’re talented. And you’re looking for work.

Here’s where to find it.

Before you begin...

First things first, let’s get you situated with a portfolio of your accomplishments. Yes, you developers can build your sites from scratch, but what about those of us who couldn’t code our way out of a paper bag?

Wordpress is great for building sites, and it’s really intuitive. So is Tumblr, with a few tweaks -- my portfolio’s hosted there. Another good platform is Wix. For the heavily visual among us, try Carbonmade, Squarespace, or Behance.

Put up your work. Show off your versatility, or if you specialize, make a note of it. The most recent work you’ve done, and your best work, should be at the top-- and chronological order isn’t the only way you need to flow. Highlight your accomplishments! Be shameless!

And once you’ve got a killer portfolio (more on that here) and you’re feeling good about your creative cred…

Start the job hunt here

[NYFA]( NYFA), or the New York Foundation for the Arts, is one of the biggest arts-related job posting sites. Though they’re based in New York, I’ve also seen listings for jobs in California, Florida, and the tri-state area. NYFA lists a lot of creative gigs and has an emphasis on arts admin, gallery/curatorial, and studio-based work, so for those of you who have fine art backgrounds, check it out!

Ed2010 is a magazine jobs site, with postings ranging from print glossies to daily media news-cycle gigs. There’s something for everyone, and it looks out for students and young freelancers -- companies have to pay a fee to post any gig that’s “unpaid.”

Behance is a creative network and portfolio site, and its listings are pretty great. It features postings from big names as well as small startups and indie companies, and is excellent for designers and developers.

Authentic Jobs is great for designers and developers, but also for those specializing in content strategy and management. It has listings with filters for category and time commitment so you can quickly narrow down your search.

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Dribbble is a hub for designers. It’s got portfolios and profiles on-site, so you can sign up and showcase your work within the platform, then click over to the postings. Its listings are refreshingly not-NY-centric. Though if you really want to get out of New York, try…

We Work Remotely is, you guessed it, all about working from…not the office. Lots of developer gigs, but other opportunities are posted as well. Perfect for freelancers who find themselves all over the place!

Krop is a creative jobs board that also has in-house portfolios. It’s a huge platform for candidates at all levels of expertise. It features some big name employers, like Condé Nast, too.

Twitter -- Yes, you can use Twitter to get a gig! Twitter is a great networking tool, with a lot less formality than a traditional jobs board. Read more about using Twitter to find gigs here.

Work Work Work -- There’s a Hive for this too! And it’s huge. With almost 1,000 members and growing, Work Work Work is the place to go if you want to work for or hire other trusted Freelancers Union members.

So happy hunting, freelancers! And if you have any more job tips, feel free to share!

Larissa Pham is an artist and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. She feels a little weird about the hed on this blog post but it was useful, right?