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Friday round up: Creeeeepy Creativity!

Happy Halloween! Hope everyone’s day has been off to a spoOoOoOky start. For all you busy freelancers frantically trying to put together costumes for this evening’s festivities, perhaps this week’s round-up will inspire some [ominous voice] creepy creativity!

1. Horrifically helpful advice from Neil Gaiman

2. How do you find your creative center?

3. How to refuel with creative routines

4. Stop waiting for an original idea

5. Life hacks for boosting creativity

6. Bored? Don’t worry, it’s good for your creativity

7. Need a creative jolt? Put yourself in someone else’s shoes

8. Why creative people think inside the box

9. Stop worrying about being creative

10. Get into the flow

11. How to find inspiration when your brain has turned to oatmeal

12. Why you should celebrate small freelance victories

And if you’re really struggling for costume ideas… here are our top 5 freelance Halloween costumes!

Got any other tips for boosting creativity? Put ‘em in our Hive, Share your creative inspiration! Have fun, fair freelancers, and have a happy halloween!