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Friday round up: Staying Healthy!

Oh, October… we’ve turned the corner into fall, and there’s a crisp bite to the weather. Autumn is in the air -- and so’s the common cold, the flu, and all sorts of other seasonal ailments.

Even though freelancing might allow you to take more sick days than the average 9-5, it’s important to stay healthy! And remember: your mental health is just as important as your physical health, too.

So with that, we’d like to share with you our round-up for the week: Staying Healthy!

  1. 5 simple ways freelancers tell us they manage stress
  2. 4 reasons why freelancers need to meditate
  3. 6 air-filtering houseplants to make you breathe easier
  4. Take a hike! (to improve your health, sleep, and creativity)
  5. Dear Diary: Journaling is good for you
  6. Volunteering is good for your health
  7. Why cherries help you sleep
  8. Weird sleep habits? How to sleep and stay productive
  9. Why your belly needs bacteria
  10. 4 smoothie recipes for healthy, busy freelancers
  11. My eyeballs are melting: 5 tools for strained, screen-dead eyes
  12. Office Ergonomics 101
  13. Walking is good for your brain, study says
  14. Are you happier when you're creating?
  15. How to stay healthy and happy while flying
  16. High powered snacks for freelancers
  17. 5 natural remedies for battling the common cold
  18. 8 tips to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper
  19. How to cope with burnout
  20. Say goodbye to winter blues

Take care of yourself so you can take care of business. Got any other tips on staying healthy, or perhaps you're a healthcare and wellness professional yourself? Head over to the Health and Wellness Hive!