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Find freelancers in your area

As freelancers, we’re all aware of the benefits of networking -- but finding fellow freelancers in your area is sometimes more difficult than it seems.

That’s one of the reasons we created Hives -- to provide a place where freelancers across the country could find their local networks.

In the end, freelancers who work together always do better. They share gigs when they have too much work, share advice on finding clients, subcontract, and invite other freelancers to work on projects together.

Is there a Hive for your city yet? If not, apply right here to get one started!

Also -- don’t forget about Freelancers Union After Hours, our nationwide, free monthly networking event for freelancers to get together, chat, and brainstorm what’s next:

You never know what can happen when you work together with others. You might get a gig, learn a new skill, or make a new friend -- so join a Hive, start a Hive, or attend an After Hours event today!