It's hard out there for Millennials, new survey says

Jun 18, 2014

Think it’s tough to find a job? Try telling that to a Millennial.

A new survey by Business Insider and News To Live By has provided some interesting insight into the difficulties that Millennials are finding in the current job market.

Though there are numerous issues with the unemployment numbers themselves, it is purported to currently hover around 6 to 7%. For Millennials, however, 16% of respondents remained jobless after six months in the job market.

72% of the surveyed Millennials had a bachelor’s degree or higher, and of those who found jobs, 44% said that their job did not require a college degree.

They also could have negotiated for higher salary. Of 548 respondents, 82% didn’t even attempt to negotiate their salaries: 38% said that they didn’t feel comfortable doing so while a whopping 44% said they didn’t know they were allowed to do so.

Maybe this gives us deeper insight into why Millennials are increasingly choosing to work for themselves and are revolutionizing the world of work.

See the full infographic below:

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