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Great Freelancers of History Treasure Hunt

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Great Freelancers of History Treasure Hunt! Finding all of our great freelancers of history was no easy measure, but this treasure hunt is officially over! Nina Simone, Benjamin Franklin, and Nancy Drew applaud your efforts at finding and "Faving" them all and they're beyond thrilled at having so many new freelancers in their social network.

After a week of searching, LuAnn Arena of Asheville, North Carolina is the official Freelancers Union member who gets to walk away with the booty (prize). For her effort at locating all three freelancer "treasures," LuAnn will be featured on our blog and received a $100 gift certificate to Etsy.

We hope you all enjoyed using Profiles and continue to search for your own "Fave Five" in our current contest, "Fave Your Five"!

History is defined by independent thinkers who embodied everything we strive to be: creative, innovative, kind, connected.

Freelancers here’s your challenge:

There are three past and sort-of-present Great Freelancers of History hidden in our brand spanking new Freelancers Directory. All you have to do is find them and “Fave” them to put them in your network.

Your prize? You could win a $100 Etsy gift certificate and be featured on this blog!

To Enter:

1. Log in to Freelancers Union or join if you’re not yet a member. (What are you waiting for? It’s free!)

2. Go to the Freelancers Directory

3. Use the “Search” function in the Freelancers Directory to find the three Great Freelancers of History based on these clues. The first one is easy. The other two are harder.

Mystery freelancer A: "Was fond of France, framing democracy, and the founding of the Pennsylvania Hospital. Also - lightning."

Mystery freelancer B: "When she wasn't being a badass super sleuth, she was hanging out with her best friends, Bess Marvin and George Fayne."

Mystery freelancer C: "A singer. An activist. An icon. Her voice was enough to put a spell on you."

4. Click “Add to Faves” on each mystery freelancer’s profile. Now you're done!

You will be entered into the contest for each mystery freelancer you find and “Fave” -- so find all three to get the best chance of winning!

We hope that while you’re browsing around, you also complete your own profile and upload a picture -- having a profile is a great way for other freelancers and clients to find you online.

Will you make history? It starts with having a good network!

See the full contest rules here.