Hot jobs, portfolio wizardry, and more that you may have missed this week

May 30, 2014

You wouldn’t have made it this far as a freelancer if your grammar and spelling skills weren’t extra sharp.

So can you spell “feuilleton”? Well, there were two that could spell it in this year’s National Spelling Bee, and it was the first time that there was a tie in over 50 years!

Busy recovering from your Memorial Day weekend? Here’s all that you may have missed in freelance-land:

Build your profile, build the movement: Have you set up a Freelancers Union profile yet? Our new and improved member profiles help you connect with other freelancers and build your own national network with just a few clicks.

Freelance Tips:
How to build a portfolio from scratch (with little experience): You can’t get clients without a portfolio...but you don’t have a portfolio because you don’t have clients. The good news is that you can build your portfolio from nothing.

4 things no one teaches you in business school: School can only teach you so much. The real lessons of entrepreneurship are picked up along the way.

100 time, energy, and attention hacks to be more productive: In 2013, Chris Bailey graduated from business school and turned down two great job offers in order to spend a year performing productivity experiments on himself. This is what he found to work.

How to find hot writing jobs: Are you a writer looking for freelance work? You’ve come to the right place!

The best portfolio websites for designers and visual artists: Here are five great online portfolio platforms for freelance artists.

The bad writing advice that's killing your career: While many of the things people have told me have been useful, some of it has been downright sketchy. Here’s some of the worst advice about writing that I’ve heard so far.

The 9 joys of coworking: Ditch the sweatpants and the coffee jitters and consider some of the great benefits of using a coworking space.

Freelance News:
97% more college graduates will go into freelancing in 2014: The number of college graduates heading into freelancing has doubled in the past year, according to a new study by the online freelance marketplace PeoplePerHour.

The United States: One of the best or worst countries for workers?: A new report details the best and worst countries for workers. As it turns out, the United States isn’t doing all that well.

Work/Life Balance:
5 ways to rescue your slouchy posture and look more confident: I’ve tried to change my posture over the years, but “just sit up straighter!” hasn’t worked. So I went hunting for tools to help me get straighter and look more confident

Arianna Huffington on life as a busy entrepreneur: Arianna Huffington sat down with Marie Forleo to discuss Arianna’s view of success and the “Third Metric” of success: physical and emotional well-being.