4 Tips for maintaining a successful partnership

May 22, 2014

Just because you’re independent doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

Cassius and Jordana Wright are unique individual achievers, but together their expertise is unstoppable. The husband and wife photography team combined their backgrounds in art, theatre and business, and created Jordana Wright Photography, a full-service portrait & event photography company. For the dynamic couple, maintaining a healthy and collaborative partnership is a huge part of their success.

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Here are a few tips from Cassius on choosing the perfect business partner:

When entering a business partnership complete transparency is vital
According to Cassius, "this means means having a complete understanding of what each partner wants or needs from the relationship, as well as what they're able and willing to provide. Values like honesty, commitment, mutual respect and resourcefulness are big factors to consider. In addition, does the person share your same level of enthusiasm?"

Choose a partner with complementary skills
"You've heard it before, but two heads are better than one!” Cassius told us.

Ideally, you’d find a partner that makes up for what you lack. “What one person doesn't understand, enjoy doing, or have experience in, the partner(s) can ideally supplement or teach. It provides a really important catalyst for business growth simply because everybody keeps learning all the time. This opens doors, creates ideas, and helps to make sure everybody is pulling their weight."

Find a partner you respect
The point of forming a partnership is to achieve success as a team. Choose a partner whose work you admire!

"Jordana takes incredible photos, and I sell the heck out of her services,” Cassius says of his partner. “We like it that way. I know I have a great set of images for every client, and she knows I vet each client to ensure they're a great fit for Jordana Wright Photography.”

Find someone who is encouraging
Nothing drags down a business faster than negative thinking. “The best thing you can do is encourage your partner, always, regardless of the outcome or circumstances. If it’s a raging success, then share compliments, incentives, and special rewards.”

This trait becomes especially important if the business goes through rough times. “I think rewarding failures is also important. It minimizes the magnitude of the issue, rewards learning what NOT to do, and most importantly, rewards the fact that you tried in the first place."

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