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Quiet Revolution Map: Goods & Services

From coast to coast, freelancers are revolting against corporate culture by purchasing goods & services from local, community-driven, independent businesses.

As Sara Horowitz pointed out, “We’ve stopped looking for more. We just want enough. And better.”

People are buying bikes from nonprofit, volunteer-run bike shops, getting their merchandise printed at screenprinting cooperatives, making copies and prints at collective print shops, and even entrusting their children to child care cooperatives.

Do you purchase any specific goods and/or services from any nearby independent cooperatives, collectives, or freelancer-owned businesses? If so, be sure to put it on our Quiet Revolution map!

Here are a few of the innovative organizations that have been tagged on our map:

Beyond Care Cooperative: If you’re a freelance parent, we hope that you have the luxury of working from home and taking care of your child. The unfortunate reality is that most parents don’t work from home. This childcare cooperative based out of Brooklyn, NY not only provides quality childcare services, they provide living wage jobs in a safe and healthy work environment, all while providing educational opportunities for their members.

Artists Screenprinting Cooperative: Isolation is not very conducive to creativity. With this in mind, a group of artists got together in Austin, TX got together to form the Artists Screenprinting Cooperative (ASPCO). ASPCO is a nonprofit cooperative business that provides a common workspace and studio for members to work on their own and collaborate with others. Non-members are also welcome to get in touch with them for screenprinting services. Need something printed for your freelance business? Why not support your fellow independent workers?

Bike Farm: Need a bike? Why not drop by this nonprofit, volunteer-run bike shop in Portland? Not only can you get a bike, but you can learn everything there is to know about the art of bike maintenance. Their mission is to provide a space where community members can go to learn about the bicycle. They’re building community around the promotion of sustainable transportation.

ABC Bookkeeping Cooperative: T-shirts, children, and bikes are all fun in their own ways, right? You know what isn’t fun? Dealing with finances! Lucky for you, if you live in Brooklyn, there’s a cooperative organization that exists specifically for the purpose of taking care of day-to-day bookkeeping and HR consulting for nonprofits, freelancers, worker co-ops, and community-based independent businesses. They also provide training in both bookkeeping and cooperative development.

What cooperative, collective, or freelance-owned businesses do you purchase your goods and services from? Are they on our Quiet Revolution Map? If not, be sure to map them so that other freelancers in your area know where to go!