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Fun stuff to perk up your everyday adventures

Freelancing can take you everywhere, from the home office to the coffee shop, from a coworking space to an international conference of like-minded indies. You’re a no-limit, no cubicle freelancer and it’s time you start accessorizing like one. Perk up your everyday adventures with this list of fun stuff.

Bear You’ve Been travel pillow

You + this pillow = a sleep cute. Whether you’re catching the red-eye home from a bloggers conference or road tripping to your next exotic gig, get ready to get the most adorable shut-eye ever. Rest your weary freelance head on the bear as is or convert it into a neck pillow. Naming your bear and dressing him up in outfits: optional (but encouraged).

Handbag Organizer for freelance parents

Freelancing with kids? Ditch the diaper bag and look professional with this genius handbag organizer. Pack the organizer insert with whatever you need, then stick it into whichever tote bag you’re currently digging. The pockets fit all of your children’s essentials and leave room for your phone and tablet, too. If your future freelancer is still in diapers, a changing mat is included. This handbag organizer was created by two entrepreneurial mothers, so you’ll be supporting fellow freelancers!

Kirk from Home flash drive

This one’s for you, Trekkies. Have Captain Kirk right where you want him: in your USB port. Save your work in style with this flash drive designed in The Captain’s likeness. In addition to 8GB of space, this handy tool comes with Star Trek themed mobile/desktop wallpaper and other fun extras.

Scroll pen

Let’s say you left your business cards at home or your technology is dead or you just feel like writing a note by hand. Now check your bag -- do you have a pen and a clean piece of paper? Crumpled receipts don’t count. With this scroll pen, you’ll always be able to practice your autograph. Bonus: you might earn a reputation as being eccentric.

BentGO lunch box

Raise your hand if you hate when your food groups touch. Keep ‘em separated when you pack lunch before heading to the local coworking space. These bento boxes are stackable, come with utensils, and are microwave/dishwasher safe. They’re truly the perfect eating companion for savvy, hungry freelancers.

Scrubba wash bag

This is for when you’re really freelancing on the go. Perhaps in the wilderness? No matter where you are, you’re three minutes away from clean clothes with this petite, portable washing machine. A modern version of an old-fashioned washboard, the Scrubba is a pocket-sized wonder for the nomadic indie worker.

Ron Swanson travel mug

What’s better than your morning coffee? Drinking your morning coffee out of a Ron Swanson travel mug. Let Ron add inspiration to your caffeination with his reminder, “Greatness Itself: The best revenge.” Keep being great, freelancers!

“I Am Busy” beach towel

Oh man, you’re just soooo busy...busy making great life choices, that is. Declare today a beach day and let the world know that you are not to be disturbed. Freelancing has many perks, but creating your own schedule has to be number one, especially when the weather warms up.

Do you have any items that boost your productivity (and your mood)? Share your recommendations in the comments!