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There's More Than One Way to Thank a Client

Good customer service matters.

Your clients might drive you crazy sometimes, but at the end of the day they’re the ones that allow you to stay afloat and live the freelance life.

If you want to show your clients some holiday thanks, what better time than Thanksgiving?

You’re a creative, and as such your gift should be a piece of art. Something that your client would be proud to display on the mantlepiece or framed for the world to see.

Something of the season…like a hand-turkey!

Think about it, unless they’ve got kids your client probably hasn’t seen a hand-turkey for years. Accompanied by a little thank-you note, a hand-turkey will make your client smile, serve as a decorative piece of seasonal art, and give you a chance to express yourself! (You could also get your kids to do it.)

Try this (and feel free to steal):

Dear (Client’s name),

At this joyous time of year, I’d like to wish you happiness and peace during this holiday season. Working for you over this past year has been a real honor and as a token of my gratitude I’d like to give you a hand-turkey. Though the turkey is fake, it was traced from a real hand. I hope that it brings you much joy over the holiday season.

Happy holidays!

-(Your name)

Hmm...or..maybe not. But Happy Thanksgiving anyway!