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90% of the workforce says entrepreneurship is a mindset. Are you an entrepreneur?

Want to live a more entrepreneurial lifestyle? You’re not alone.

It turns out that 72% of people who have a traditional job want to go independent.

oDesk, a job resource website for freelancers and one of our favorite bloggers, recently released a report entitled Millennials & the Future of Work. Not only did they find that most of those at traditional workplaces want to quit their job, but that most of those people plan on quitting within the next two years.

Why? Because the majority of millennials define themselves as entrepreneurs, which they believe to be more of a mindset than anything else.

They want a more flexible workplace that will allow them to work according to their interests, wherever and whenever they want. In short, the contemporary workforce wants freedom above al****l.

As advocates for the independent workforce, the freedom to pursue meaningful work is something that we can get behind.

Check out the full report here.