Grow More by Talking Less

Feb 27, 2013

For social butterflies, networking seems like the easiest way to build a freelance business. Since they feel at ease in a crowd, an opportunity to meet new people and strike up conversations is something to look forward to rather than something to fear.

So why do extroverts need advice? Because while the life of the party is busy bopping from group to group, he might be missing out on the chance to make meaningful connections that will develop into the next gig or partnership.

Use these tips from Sara Horowitz’s The Freelancer's Bible to get the most out of your next networking event:


Listen to yourself network. Are you sucking up all the oxygen in the room? Ask at least two questions of every person you meet.


There are only so many people with whom you can develop the kind of relationship that builds real trust, referrals, and work. Consider what will really propel your career, learning, or enjoyment, and focus on those relationships.


Choose some subjects you want to get really knowledgeable about and go to those events. You’ll get more out of groups personally and professionally if you get involved—so how many can you realistically join? People will notice if you’re doing more flitting than fitting in.


As you sort through the business cards you picked up at an event, ask yourself what you learned from each person. It’s a good test of “Did you talk less, listen more?”

If you’re an extrovert, continue embracing the strengths that have already helped you stand out in a crowd. These suggestions are meant to improve your networking techniques and keep your freelancing career robust.

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