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Resolve to Hit the Ground Running in 2013!

Last week as we counted down to the New Year, we reached out to our friends and colleagues via social media to ask, what is your “freelance resolution”? As the holiday leftovers disappear, the egg nog wears off, and you work towards holding true to your resolutions, we want to remind you to ask yourself “what does this mean for my independence”? Because, the more your resolutions can aim to fulfill this promise, the more likely you are to keep working to achieve them.

**5) Show the world that #WeAreWhatWeNeed. **
Work supports the life we want to live and it is worth the extra effort it takes. Remember that there is strength in numbers and our number is growing...

  • Sara Horowitz (@Sara_Horowitz) - My #FreelanceResolution is to build New Mutualism by working with freelancers to show #WeAreWhatWeNeed.
  • Sunday Steinkirchner (@SundayRareBooks) - I will work with other freelancers, because we are always stronger together #FreelanceResolution
  • THEY bklyn (@THEYbklyn) - @freelancersu Our #FreelanceResolutionis to read, learn, and share as much as we can about our community in which we live and work.
  • Uncredited Rewrite (@UncredRewrite) @CybelDP - Gonna eat more at local places instead of the big companies. #FreelanceResolution
  • Karla Holland (@Tipsilon) - @freelancersu My#FreelanceResolution is to get back into learning more about Freelancing

4**) Go freelance full time. **
Every freelancers goal should be to build a work life that supports and grows their real life. We freelance so we can utilize our freedom in the ways that are most meaningful for us. Some resolutions that can help all of us on the road to combine the two together:

  • Katie Lane (@WMFH_Blog) Help keep me honest, Twitter. RT @freelancersu "I will save enough $ so I can freelance full-time." - @WMFH_Blog #FreelanceResolution
  • Carla Ortiz (@HauteCocktail) @HauteCocktail @freelancersu I think I want to re-brand my site, create an editorial calendar and organize my finances.
  • Micah Caputo (@MsSilverHalide) @freelancersu my#FreelanceResolution is to no longer be afraid to take control and be the expert I know I am.
  • Samuel Miller (@SLM) To do as many projects as possible, but to not let them consume or define me. #FreelanceResolution

Organize your efforts around the reasons that a career freelancing excites you in the first place; that way you can be sure you’re moving towards establishing or growing a career as a full-time freelancer with every step.

3) Build my network.
As independent workers we live or die on the strength of our reputations and the power or our networks. Here are some resolutions that help us grow and focus that power:

  • Marketing Mentor (@MMToolbox) - @freelancersu I will be doing more matchmaking amongst my network. #FreelanceResolution
  • Tony Bacigalupo (@tonybgoode) - @freelancersu I will find people to help me, so I can stop trying to tackle things on my own. #FreelanceResolution
  • Sarah Rich (@wheatbean) - @freelancersu Increase my portfolio & connect with more freelance writers.#FreelanceResolution
  • Anne Ditmeyer (@pretavoyager) - #FreelanceResolution 2013: To truly learn my value as a freelancer + how to better communicate it confidently to clients.
  • Marktime Media (@marktimemedia) I will be investing more time and effort into the communication and follow up process @marktimemedia #FreelanceResolution

To build an effective network, you have to know what you bring to the table. When you play to your strengths, you take ownership of your network in a way that helps everyone by showing just how valuable you really are.

**2) Build my skills. **The job of a freelancer is to become proficient at everything while being an expert in something. Here are some resolutions that highlight some useful skills:

  • Daniel Ghazi (@dghazi) - "To rethink and to innovate" #FreelanceResolution
  • Christa Avampato (@christanyc) - @freelancersu I will invest in my Maker skills. #freelanceresolution
  • Jill Anderson (@JillLynnDesign) - I will be blogging more + sending out my regular newsletter/e-zine. #FreelanceResolution
  • Sara Griffith (@saralynncreativ) - @freelancersu I want to finish illustrating my children's book and research publishing options :) #FreelanceResolution

First seek the skills that will help you build on your what makes you special as a freelancer, then seek the skills that will help balance out your skill can always delegate or outsource the other stuff if you have the right resources in your new work after all...

**1) Grow my business. **
Your business should work for you, not the other way around. Here is what some Freelancers said were there resolutions for growing their business:

  • Marc Scheff (@marcscheff) - @freelancersu "I will say yes to more opportunities and get more done via my network of talented freelancers" # FreelanceResolution
  • Wix Lounge (@WixLounge) - "We will help more rockstar freelancers build websites to show off their work"
  • Diana Delosh (@dtdelosh) - #FreelanceResolution To create 10 projects - Pitch to 10 places - in 10 months.
  • Yanii Moodie (@smilingstudio) - @freelancersu my freelance resolution is to create an Etsy shop
  • Joamette Gil (@JoametteGil) @freelancersu I want to earn at least two more steady clients in 2013.

Keep your desired outcomes in mind as you plan, plot and strategize your growth in this year.

...So resolve to use your passion in 2013 to create a more meaningful independence, making this** the **year that we as a community lead by example. The year is new. The time is ours. #WeAreWhatWeNeed.