Together We Ohm and Find Balance

Oct 24, 2012

In the past few weeks, Freelancers Medical brought together the freelance community to connect, breathe, and find a moment of solidarity in the sun.

Yoga events in McCarren Park and Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY, attracted over 200 people, who joined us to experience some outdoor yoga Zen, network with fellow freelancers, and learn more about what the Freelancers Medical program has to offer independent workers.

As if we weren't excited enough already about the upcoming launch of Freelancers Medical, we're even more energized after talking to people face-to-face about New Mutualism and Freelancers Medical – and hearing their enthusiasm for the program and what this means for the freelance community here in NYC.

Yoga in Prospect Park #brooklyn given #freelancersmedical I can't wait to stretch my body surrounded by nature #yoga…

— coco(@costenya) October 20, 2012

Beautiful day. Bike & yoga in the park w/ @freelancersu #freelancersmedical So excited for this great venture & great minds in practice.

— Yoga For All Needs (@YogaForAllNeeds) October 20, 2012

Having an awesome day so far...Prospect Park yoga with #freelancersmedical…

— Brandon Hines (@thumpio) October 20, 2012

Finding Balance at 3rd Ward

It wasn't just the Downward Dogs that brought freelancers together. At 3rd Ward on Monday, Sara sat down with Dr. Neil Patel to talk about the balancing act between health and business. Sara gave tips on business-building and networking, drawing on the advice gathered in her forthcoming book, The Freelancer's Bible. Dr. Patel, a key member of the Freelancers Medical program care team, brought perspective on how to stay healthy and centered as a freelancer.

great talk by @sara_horowitz & dr. neil highlighting new @freelancersu #freelancersmedical, making healthcare work for independent workers

— Stephanie (@terra_on_grove) October 23, 2012

A big thank you to all who were able to join us for each of these events. Freelancers Union is driven by independent workers, their ideas, and their experiences. We are committed to creating a strong community and supporting a healthy lifestyle to ensure their success. So it was certainly special to catch a firsthand glimpse of how efforts to strengthen solidarity continue to fuel the freelance movement. #WeAreWhatWeNeed