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A Smart Business Card

Talk about leading with your best (design) foot.

Freelancer Sabine Ahrens created an entire flowchart to preemptively answer a common client question: “Do you need a designer?”

The short answer for many is…”probably.” Ahrens describes how she spent time brainstorming about getting new clients and how to answer their questions about a need for design. As she details with each step of the flowchart, design can do incredible things for a business by creating a visual identity.

Sabine’s pitching herself like a champ:

  • In one image, she demonstrates to clients how she’s thinking through their business.
  • She uses beautiful design to show her beautiful design. And it’s beautiful.

Not sure how many copies of this poster she’s carrying in her back pocket, but it sounds like a mighty perfect business card/poster. Man, freelancers are smart.