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Why I Went Freelance: A Laundry List

Editor’s note: Guest blogger K.K. Apple is a freelance writer who has infiltrated the Freelancers Union office to stream Olympics coverage 24/7. She lives on the internet at

Because Too Many Things. I needed to explore many more avenues than one job description would allow. Choose Your Own Freelance Adventure means you can be a writer and choreographer and research assistant and traveling minstrel and book reader.

**Because Flexibility. **Really. I need to be more flexible. When I’m not writing or performing, I’m choreographing and taking dance class. Freelancing allows me to take an 11am class one day and work through the morning the next. Even when you’re not dancing, the human body doesn’t always operate on a 9-5 schedule. I’ve done some of my best work at 11:07pm EST.

Because Creativity. I make the box, therefore I get to think outside the box every day.

Because Sandwiches. (Because Home Office.) Sandwiches are way too expensive when you work in an office. Lunchtime costs skyrocket as soon as you start “grabbing something quick from down the street.” I have made some of the best sandwiches EVER in my home deli/salad bar that cost free.99 per pound. Well maybe more like $0.50/lb. But that’s way different than some of the avocado add-on atrocities committed in this fair city.

Because Passive Aggressive Notes. The only person who can write rhyming notes about “green, clean” bathrooms or leaving strange food in the fridge is this guy.

Because ME ME ONLY ME. I am responsible for myself and my own work. I still love working with people – collaborating with clients and partners feels even more rewarding when there’s no office politics to navigate. On the flip side of that coin, it’s also the scary part: I am representing myself and only me. Must create some big shoes and then fill them.

To close, as the Munchkins of Munchkinland once said, “Because Because Because Because Because!! Because of the wonderful things he does!!” (“He” being freelancing in this allusion.) I am so grateful to the Wizard of Oz freelance life for each day of opportunity, challenge, and a motley band of friends to skip with.

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