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The World's Longest Invoice: Shout it from the Rooftops

Chances are a deadbeat client has stiffed you out of hard-earned cash. You’re not alone – and starting today, you can do something about it.

Tell the world how much you’re owed on The World’s Longest Invoice.

It’s a tool we launched today that will allow us to come together and show the world the scope and reach of this challenge – and help solve it. Already, hundreds of freelancers have shared their stories using the Twitter hashtag #GetPaidNotPlayed.

**Add the amount you’re owed at ** or by Tweeting the amount using the hashtag #WorldsLongestInvoice (for example: “My client stiffed me $2,000. Yet another line item on the #WorldsLongestInvoice.”).

On May 22, I’ll join dozens of freelancers to deliver the invoice to lawmakers in New York, where we’re pushing a law to protect independent workers from deadbeat clients – which will hopefully be a model for the rest of the country.