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The Freelance Life: Persistence Pays Off

The Freelance Life is our collection of real member stories. It lets you celebrate your unique path and share what you’ve learned along the way – or benefit from the wisdom of others’ experiences.

![](/content/ckeditor/2012/04/06/rhiannon photo.JPG)What would you do if your house got robbed twice in six months? Our first instinct would be to pack up and move (or buy a pit bull), but independent journalist Rhiannon Bowman had a different response: she decided to change her life’s path and follow her dreams.

Traumatized from the robberies and forced to re-focus her life, she quit her insurance job, went back to school, and began pursuing her writing goals. Today, Rhiannon is a successful writer who runs her own company, and her words of wisdom will motivate you into action.

Her first rule of career advice? Figure out what is most valuable to you. In Rhiannon’s case, the freedom of the freelance life is worth more than any amount of money. So tell us: Why did you become a freelancer?