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Tips for Working from Home

workspace.jpgDo you work from home? Through the Freelancers Union Annual Independent Survey (2011), we found that 13% of independent workers spent 100% of their time working from home, with an additional 79% spending at least a portion of their work time at home. A recent article, “No sleeping on the job” offers the following suggestions, among others, to stay disciplined while working from home: • Set up a comfortable, separate work are relatively free from distractions (goodbye, soap operas) • Make sure you have everything you need to do your job (hello, neon Post-its) • Set parameters with your family members and roommates • Take a 15-minute break for every hour worked If you want to find out more tips, sign up for our September 14 webinar, “Working Naked: Make Work from Home Work for You.” What tactics do you take to stay focused while working from home or from another non-traditional working space (library, coffeeshop)? (photo by r0ckr, via Flickr)