The Consequences of Job-Juggling

Aug 1, 2011

jugglign.jpgIn Gabrielle's recent post on the rise in the number of people working multiple, part-time jobs, she voiced concern about the cumulative strain that juggling multiple jobs might have. As long as full-time jobs are scarce in industries ranging from health care to publishing to insurance,this is likely going to be a pressing and public mental health issue. One reader, Christopher, happens to be a therapist who's worked with freelancers, and says that for them, having several jobs is a "significant stressor." Whether they're juggling because they need more income, are aiming for "breadth" in their careers, or are simply ambitious, he sees that being overworked for prolonged periods of time "ignores the need to have relationships, to foster marriages, to raise children, to care for our spirituality, to exercise and care for our health and all the other things we need to do." See the rest of Christopher's thoughtful response here.  Photo by Pedro Moura Pinheiro, via Flickr.