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Balancing Multiple Jobs?

tightrope.jpgIt isn’t news to a lot of independent workers that Americans are increasingly holding down two and even three jobs, but we sure are glad that others are realizing it, too! DailyFinance’s “Part-Time Toilers: How Americans Earn Money outside Their ‘Day Jobs’” highlights the top ten industries with the largest number of part-timers who also hold down full-time positions elsewhere. By total part-time jobs held (drumroll, please) here are the top industries: (1) Food Service and Drinking Places (2) Health Care (3) Clothing, Accessory, and General Merchandise Stores (4) Grocery Stores (5) Child Daycare Services (6) Insurance (7) Publishing (Non-software) (8) Computer Systems Design and Related Services (9) Motion Picture and Video Industries (10) Advertising and Public Relations Services As the costs of living have risen, workers have had to take on other jobs to meet their basic needs and have turned to positions such as retail salespersons and cashiers, which offer flexible hours. Unfortunately, as I'm sure many of you can attest to, overworking oneself leads to physical and mental strain, which in turn leads to illness and lost productivity. (Good thing we have lots of members who are yoga instructors and therapists!) Do you have any tips for staying sane while balancing multiple jobs? (photo by dougKlesch, via Flickr)