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New tool lets freelancers rate clients and companies

Clients: can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em! Over the years, freelancers have been sharing the challenges that they face in working with clients (a big problem being nonpayment) and we realized that, with an organization this big, we could really do something about it. That’s why Freelancers Union staff and members created a new tool, the Client Scorecard, to help freelancers help themselves. This tool allows you to rate companies—good and bad—as well as check out potential clients before accepting a gig. Let us know all about your experience by rating companies you’ve freelanced for through the newly launched Client Scorecard. Did they pay you on time? Was there a struggle to get a contract? Were they paying market rate? Over time, we hope this platform will allow freelancers to help and protect each other and hopefully keep the corporate world just a little more honest. So, take a few minutes to rate companies—past and present—that you’ve freelanced for. We’re already seeing big players, like Conde Nast, J.P. Morgan, MoveOn, National Geographic, Ogilvy, and the New York Times being reviewed (bet you can’t guess who got the most stars!). Anything you enter can be anonymous, so full steam ahead! The more reviews we have, the more useful the tool, so be sure to tell all your freelance friends about it.