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Freelancers, Neuroscience, and Your New Desk

When our Executive Director, Sara Horowitz, met THECUBE London on her journey through freelancer London, we knew these folks were ones to keep our eyes on. Looks like they're now opening their doors in New York now with WeCreate NYC and kicking off its "neurochemically primed innovation workspace" with three days' worth of free events. I'm fascinated by Araceli Camargo's ideas about how to take shared space to new levels by fostering intellectual space-sharing, too (at least, that's what I think she's up to!). All you have to do is let hello[at] know you're coming and you're in for business innovation clinics, workshops, debates, and an open house. Two events they especially recommended to us are Monday's discussion, "Envisioning A New Economy with Devin Balkind Founder of Serapis Foundation" and Tuesday's workshop, "Brain Technology with Founder Araceli Camargo."