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1099 For Life: We Tailored It Just for You

I'm either a hoarder or a serial joiner with a deep sentimental streak: I have a collection of t-shirts spanning the range from day camp, drama productions, yearbook, soccer, Earth Day, the Grand Canyon, concerts, and friends' bands, to family reunions, and, yes, even Don Quixote. Some mean the world to me, some are embarrassing and should be turned into rags. But which actually make it out of the drawer (excluding trips to the garden or the gym)? Well, the fitted tees. They're the ones that let you rep your pastimes or identity politics and still feel like you could flirt in line at the grocery store. I mean, am I right, ladies? Am I right? We here at Freelancers Union are sensitive to needs like these. That's why, as the resident t-shirt maven, I'm pleased as punch that our 1099 For Life shirt is now available in both the straight-up-and-down and the my-what-a-nice-waist-you-have cuts. So say it loud and say it proud: you're 1099 for life! And you don't have to hide your light in the pajama drawer.