Happy Tax Day! How Did Freelancers (and GE) Fare?

Apr 18, 2011

Today's the day we make sure America can pay its teachers and pave its roads. That's how you think about it, right? Me too. This was the second year Freelancers Union built tax-specific resources pages to aggregate all the tips and resources we could find, not to mention announce special changes, like the Making Work Pay credit, which was new in 2010. (And, we hoped, 2010's deer-hunting theme, "Get the Refund in Your Crosshairs," would make thinking about your taxes a little more fun.) This year, the Tax Resources page is the first of a number of topic-specific resource pages we'll be rolling out, and we'll let you know about each one as its ready. But it seems no two freelancers need the same thing when it comes to getting their taxes done, so we'd like to know: how can we make it even more useful next year? What would you like to see? What resources do you rely on to get your taxes squared away that other freelancers might benefit from? On a just-for-fun (or just-to-enrage) note, did you get taken in by the GE tax hoax? A group called US Uncut made us all feel a little better for a day when we thought that we weren't alone in paying up, but alas, GE did not return its multi-billion dollar tax refund to the US like an early birthday present, and we must accept that we probably can't afford their accountants.