Freelance Seamstress (and Member!) Featured by New York Times

Feb 18, 2011

We were so excited when one of our coworkers came in yesterday morning with the New York Times Fashion & Style section in hand. "This is my friend!" he said, pointing to a picture of a stylish young woman holding a heavy-looking black garment bag. Well, not just a friend, but a Freelancers Union member! The Times calls Nayantara Banerjee "a modern-day traveling tailor." Though she has sometimes been contracted for big Hollywood projects, the profile points out that her freelance clients are mostly freelancers or independent workers themselves. This sounds suspiciously like mutualism to me! Given our recent foray into alternative currencies, aka Time Dollars, I can't help but wonder if she's willing to barter . . . (Head's up: it looks like the Times is now requiring log-in to see the article online.)

Image by mrjoro, via Flickr.