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More on Growing with Grace

This great post originally appeared on the Creative Freelancer Blog.

I had a number of responses to last week’s post, so I added to it. The original question was:

Dear Dyva: As a self-employed service provider (how gloriously vague is that? I could be a hooker! Who can say?), how can you gracefully sail through awkward growth spurts? I’ve reached a point where the number of people who’re interested in hiring me vastly outweighs the number of hours I’m willing to sit at a computer screen. I know my business needs to “grow” to meet swelling demands, but I’m not ready to become a boss, with minions and interns. And I’ve been told that cloning is painful and expensive. What’s a growing gal to do?

(The first 3 tips — with glorious video — were posted last week…here are two more.) Clean House: Look at your current roster of clients. Do they make your heart sing? Does their work inspire you? Do they share your values? Make a fearless inventory and cull the herd wherever there is a less-than response to any of the prompts. For real. Since you get to choose, and you do, design your client list like you would your ideal outfit, favorite room or your dream date. Stand Tall: As you go through this growth spurt, don’t get all hunched over and worried what they’ll think. You know who they are. Be loud, proud and set your boundaries clearly. Be kind and clear, at all times. Do.Not.Waffle. Grow with grace, girlie.

-Dyana Valentine