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New Self-Employed Data Released

The government is finally starting to hear us. For the first time ever, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has released data on the incorporated self-employed in its monthly jobs report. What does this mean? Well, there are now over 5 million workers in this category as of January. Previously, these workers were considered wage and salary workers, which misrepresented how they work. We’re happy to see that they’re finally being accurately represented, demonstrating that independent workers make up a bigger piece of the pie. For example, Jess is a self-employed (incorporated) graphic designer. Previously, she would have been included as a “wage and salary worker” but now she’s included with the self-employed, incorporated workers. This is important because policymakers will now see the bigger picture of how work is changing and how big the independent workforce really is. If we’re all identified and accounted for, then policymakers will start to develop programs and policies to support this growing and crucial community. To find out more, read this Los Angeles Times article and this article from the Hill. Both include quotes from Freelancers Union Founder and Executive Director, Sara Horowitz. Now, if only the rest of the independent workforce (on-call workers, contract company workers, etc.) were included in these monthly reports. . .