Crafting Campaign Plans and Meeting You!

Oct 4, 2010

**** ****** Campaign season is officially in full swing. ** After a brief hiatus to recover from a gnarly fall cold, during which I hunkered down with a box of tissues, hot tea, and the primary results, ** I’m ready to get rolling for the General Election endorsements. Are you? ** Our members sure are! And they enthusiastically turned out for our first Election Planning Membership Meeting last Thursday.  We spent some time talking about strategy for the important races we’re working on to try to keep the balance of power that’s currently at risk in Albany. (If the Democrats don’t retain their seats, the upset could jeopardize our Unpaid Wages legislation.) ** Our main topic? The best ways to mobilize all of us to get in the streets in support of our allies.** The night was lively and incredibly useful. We know that candidates remember two things-- votes and volunteers--and the presence of our members tells them that we care. We know that pizza and apple-picking and time to socialize lighten up activities like phone banking and door knocking. We know that freelancers crave community, and that moving forward, that will be a critical strategy to build this movement. What else do you think members need to get involved? Share your thoughts below. Gatherings like the membership meeting are critical for increasing our power- but also for some good old-fashioned camaraderie and conversation. ** Our membership is diverse, but everyone shares the perks and pitfalls of being an  independent worker. ** For many community groups, meetings are like church, or even happy hour, a regular place you can go to positively contribute, gossip, eat, and see familiar faces. It’s an opportunity to improve your working life (and your bottom line) while meeting awesome people with similar interests. So let me ask, what would you think if, instead of issue-specific events, we held regular advocacy meetings? In the meantime, we’ll be putting our plan into place, getting out the vote in Manhattan, Queens and Long Island, and we need your help!  Sign up here to join us! This stands to be a tough season and volunteering is the most effective way to ensure that 2011 is a freelancer-friendly year in Albany. Always, Kaitlyn**** __ ****