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Friends with Benefits: Our NYC Singles Networking Party

Look out, LavaLife! Move over,! E-hold it, E-Harmony! We are boldly going where no dating service or Freelancers Union event has gone before. We are throwing a singles networking party. Freelancers report that their #1 challenge as non-traditional workers is the lack of water-cooler rendezvous, daydream-inducing staff meetings, and wild office parties that would otherwise provide them with a regular supply of romantic opportunity. (At least, I assume they'd report this if pollsters would ever focus on the real issues.) Instead of "Hello, my name is Carl," your nametag will say, "I'm really good at _____." What will yours say? "Constructive criticism"? "Ballads"? "Sun Salutations"? And instead of praying that your date buys you a drink--or conversely, that your date will buy their own--you can relax. We're picking up $500 worth of bar tab. So offer generously! Hope to see you there. RSVP to guarantee your spot.