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Freelancers of the World, Unite! (In Vegas, Baby.)

Our advocacy afficionado extraordinaire, Althea Erickson, has left the swampy streets of New York for the parched pavement of Las Vegas. Why, why you ask, would anyone jump out of the frying pan and into the fire? It's for Netroots Nation, naturally. Netroots Nation is an annual gathering designed to connect and strengthen both online and off-line (I mean, real life. 3D. In person) progressive movements. Althea was a panelist in yesterday's session, "Freelancers of the World, Unite! Unions for Permatemps and Freelancers" along with reps from the Writers Guild and documentarian Joe Danisi. Oh to have been a fly on the wall of the Brasilia 3 room! Luckily, Tula Connell covered the panel on the AFL-CIO blog.